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Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated in the Sudoku Collective.

Welcome to the favorite meeting place for true Sudoku addicts. Here you can find Daily Nightmares, Weekly Assassins, Jigsaw Killers, Clueless Specials, X-Files, Windokus, loads of Freeware and various solving guides. Discuss your addiction on the forum. For regular Sudoku, Sudoku-X, Windoku and DG, check out the free SudoCue program. For irregular Sudoku variations, including Killer Sudoku and Jigsaw Sudoku, use SumoCue.
For the HaniDoku variation, use HaniCue.
Feel free to roam around this site. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at the Most Wanted list.


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This site is now running on an automated stream of daily updates, so there is no purpose in asking for donations any longer. Thank to those who have donated before and kept it alive for as long as it lasted.

2021 Sudopedia Recovery

Sudopedia was lost around 2012, when it was flooded with spam, and subsequently blocked by my hosting provider due to heavy traffic.
EnjoySudoku has made a good effort to recover as much of it as possible using the Internet Wayback Machine,
and an anonymous person has revived Sudopedia, also using the Internet Wayback Machine.
I have added a new Sudopedia mirror with most of the pages restored, and completed the missing articles. There are no red links in this mirror.
It will not be possible to change anything as a guest or to create a user profile. However, people who wish to contribute should send me an email with their additions, and I may even create a user profile for them.

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