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Hi All

I've just posted the new version 3.0.3 of SudokuSolver here with a new help file ... erHelp.msi

The website has also been updated with the new program features.

The program has an array of new features - the full change log is shown below.



Code: Select all

Version 3.0.3
   1. Change to puzzle loading - Description taken from file name if no description is included in the file
   2. Allowed for more generalised Gattai puzzles
   3. Extensive change to extended puzzle locator for Gattai puzzles
          * Gattai locator can be expanded and reduced using double click or context menu in the locator image
          * Candidate display in the Gattai locator can be controlled from the context menu in the locator image
          * Extended puzzles larger than the display area can be scrolled by grabbing and dragging with the mouse 
   4. Modified Locked Candidates Box/Line routine to also lock in overlapping grids in a Gattai puzzle
   5. Modified solving steps for Gattai puzzles:
          * The solver will try simple techniques on the current grid until there are no further eliminations
          * The solver will then switch to another grid with the most pending changes and look for simple eliminations
          * When there are no more simple step to be found, the solver will look for a single advanced step on the current grid and switch grids until an advanced step is found
          * The solver will then start looking for simple steps again, and the process repeats until the puzzle is solved or there are no more advanced eliminations found 
   6. Allowed more flexibility over Gattai solver steps
          * Single simple step in the current grid only
          * All simple steps in the current grid only
          * Single step in the current grid - including advanced techniques
          * All steps in the current grid only - including advanced techniques
          * Single step through the puzzle
          * All steps through the puzzle 
   7. Fixed bug in Empty Rectangle routine missing XY-chain eliminations
   8. Fixed bugs in 45 Rule routines missing Single Outies and using incorrect complexity algorithms
   9. Added a new check to 45 Rule routines to identify locked candidates
  10. Fixed problem in 45 Rule checks missing some simple eliminations in double cells
  11. Fixed problem in Empty Rectangle eliminations where incorrect elimination were being made
  12. Added Killer Quads and modified Cage Info to display quad blockers
  13. Modified Hidden Killer Pairs to find more general eliminations and added Hidden Killer Triples and Hidden Killer Quads
  14. Modified Forced Killer Pairs to find more general eliminations and added Forced Killer Triples
  15. Added Implied Cage Blocker routine
  16. Fixed bug where puzzle description was being lost when resetting a puzzle
  17. Fixed bug in Naked Triangle finding invalid eliminations
  18. Added more flexibility in 45 Rule checks - two new complexity variants included
  19. Added search box in Solver Options window to more quickly located solver routines in the scrolling window
  20. Improved clarity of log reporting for Cage Placement eliminations 

Version 3.0.2 (Unreleased)
   1. Modified the user interface to feedback the digit under the cursor in the current cell
   2. Changed Cell Digit highlighting to provide more flexibility
          * Single click on the digit panel sets/unsets only that digit for highlighting
          * Ctrl-Click on the digitpanel adds/removes that digit from the group of highlighted digits
          * Highlight Type controls candidate selection in the highlighting. For example, if {123} are selected in the digit panel:
                o "All Digits", will highlight cells with 1 and 2 and 3
                o "Any Digits" will highlight cell with 1 or 2 or 3
                o "Only Digits will highlight cells with 1 or 2 or 3 and no other digits 
          * Cell Types controls whether the maximum number of candidates in a cell to be highlighted
                o "Marks Only" will not highlight singles
                o "Marks & Singles" will highlight any matching cells
                o "Singles Only" will highlight any matching single cells
                o "Pairs", "Triples" and "Quads" will highlight any matching tuple cells - if no digits are selected, all cells with the tuple are highlighted 
   3. Introduced some additional keyboard shortcuts:
          * When the cell highlighter has been used to highlight a candidate, the candidate can be placed in the current cell by pressing (space bar)
          * Current Highlight digit can be changed using Ctrl and (up), (down), (right), (left) 
   4. Added menu option to place all singles 

Version 3.0.1 (Limited Release)
   1. Fixed display problem for PCs using ClearType 
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