Clueless V

This forum is dedicated to the <a href="">Clueless Specials</a> published each Monday on the website.
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Clueless V

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"What did you plan to do this weekend?"

Oops, change of plans coming up. There's a new Clueless Special on the site!

I have perfected the creation process for the Clueless Specials. A new program can test hundreds of variations of a number of component puzzles, and pick the best variation it can find.

Well, here is the firstborn of this new breed. More than a 100 line-box interactions went into this monster. There is more to be found, but telling you that would spoil the fun, so you have to look for it yourself.

Hours of frustration are guaranteed. Print a few copies, you'll need them.

As always, enjoy,


PS. You can also download a Clueless-X from
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