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New kid on the Grid
New kid on the Grid
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The rules:
1) Standard sudoku rules apply for rows and columns, with numbers 1 to 6
2) Each solid block must add up to a value X and all blocks of the same colour must add up to the same value X.
3) The sum value may be different for each colour.
4) It's possible for a number to be repeated in a block, as long as it doesn't appear more than once in any row or column.

Step-by-step resolution and more similar puzzles are playable online at

New kid on the Grid
New kid on the Grid
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I know this was posted about 2 months ago, but this is a fascinating variation!

I like the interactions between the regions and the easy to calculate innies/outies.
Numbers repeating in cages may take me some time to get used to, though.
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