Most recent puzzles

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Most recent puzzles

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Here's a run-down of the latest puzzles of each type here on the Sudocue site:

Daily Lites: ongoing
Daily Nightmare: 17 Feb 2008
Daily One-Trick Pony: ongoing
Daily Windoku: 17 Feb 2008
Daily X-Files: ongoing
Daily Jigsaw: ongoing
Weekly Clueless Special: 29 Mar 2008
Weekly Clueless Explosion: 21 Feb 2008
Weekly Samurai: 8 Apr 2008
Weekly Assassin Killer: 22 Feb 2008
Texas Jigsaw Killer: 18 Nov 2007 (released irregularly)

I have it on very good authority :wink: that the Daily Lites aren't going to run out anytime soon (as long as the site stays up, anyway).

Here's hoping that Ruud will be back soon to add more puzzles to the other collections, as well as updates to the software and new specialty puzzles.
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