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SudoCue offers you a daily One-Trick Pony Sudoku puzzle. This the entry for Monday March 2, 2009, number 836.

These puzzles were selected for pure solving pleasure. Starting with number 324, the criteria have been relaxed to provide more variation:

  • No more than 4 free singles to start with, some have no initial singles.
  • At least 4 non-basic steps are in the solving path, often more.
  • All but one solving steps are limited to singles, locked candidates, subsets, basic fish, UR 1 and BUG.
  • One advanced step is required. This is the One Trick. It can be anything except tabling.

If you prefer easier Sudokus, check out the lite page with 4 grades of daily puzzles. For a real challenge, try the Daily Nightmare.

You can choose to play this sudoku online, print this page or select the number string and paste it into a solver program that accepts this input.

One-Trick Pony


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